Electromagnets for Automation

Rugged, high-powered electromagnets are widely used for parts transfer, positioning, clamping and safety door applications. These magnets have a durable steel case and copper would coil sealed in high temperature epoxy for years of maintenance-free operation.

DC Power Supplies

AEC builds DC output power supplies for almost any electromagnetic application. Contact one of our application engineers to design a system for your solution.

Lifting Magnets

AEC offers Permanent Magnetic Lifts and High Powered Electromagnets for handling plate, bars and bundles. Select from stock and custom configuration to handle any job.

Battery Back-up Systems

Heavy duty industrial UPS systems protect workers and machinery from blackouts and brownouts. These rugged systems are available is sizes available for all applications.

Magnetic Tools

Rugged construction, never need recharging, these magnetic tools speed tasks safely and easily. Lift sheets and bars, retrieve hardware from bins and barrels, or clean scrap and tramp metal from floors and parking lots.

Flexible Magnetic Strips

Flexible magnetic material has opened up new areas of product design by introducing a high versatile, low-cost solution for permanent magnetic applications.

Rare Earth Magnets

Super high-strength neodymium-iron-boron magnets offer more strength for their size than traditional materials. The products shown here are stock sizes, but other sizes are available. Please call us with your requirements.