Magnetic Cup Assemblies

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A permanent magnet bonded in a round, brightly-plated steel cup gives these magnets added holding power. Post notes and announcements on any steel surface or use as fixturing magnets to hold parts in place.

MA-125-HView .pdf1.420.28.187NO7
MA-125-HHView .pdf1.500.28-YES7
MA-175-HView .pdf2.060.32.187NO10
MA-175-HHView .pdf2.060.32-YES10
MA-238-BHView .pdf2.650.38.375NO25
MA-238-HView .pdf2.650.38.250NO25
MA-238-HHView .pdf2.650.38-YES25
MA-287-HView .pdf3.200.44.281NO50
MA-287-HHView .pdf3.200.44-YES 50
MA-338-HView .pdf3.750.50.313NO90
MA-338-HHView .pdf3.750.50-YES90
MA-454-HView .pdf4.900.50.500NO120
MA-454-HHView .pdf4.900.50-YES 120